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Welcome to The~Beach House!

We offer a variety of goods that are truly GOOD for you. Life is supposed to be fun and you are supposed to feel good. Our bodies are miraculous and have the ability to heal . . . if we don't interfere! Learn how to support your body and live life to the fullest in happiness and health!

To this end, we offer scientifically based nutritional products.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to START A HOME BASED BUSINESS, and to become part of the growing Beach House Team. My goal is to enable the team members to experience Health and Freedom and become "enlightened millionaires." This is my business, I give attention to those who are actively building their business.  I love to train and support. You can be your own boss, work from home and....Live Life Abundantly!

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10% of all proceeds go to charity, i.e. Children's Hunger Fund, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation